Gouin Reservoir, Nemio River, August 2011

Gouin Revisited

After a 4 year absence, we decided to try Gouin again in August. The drive up was fast and uneventful. Even the dirt roads were pretty good. A short stop for breakfast in Mont St. Michel and rocking tunes and we were there by early afternoon.

The boys

and me

The fish

This year, we got some of the biggest fish ever. The numbers were not there but this 6 lb walleye and this 10 lb northern were nice personal bests for the lads.

The weather

The weather was mostly sunny and warm, with the usual problem that it brings thundershowers and rain. Out on the big lake we spot monster black clouds, so we high tail it for a local camp (rundown shack) and wait it out while having lunch. We timed it perfectly, arriving just when the rain started and heading out after it ended. Later in the day, the wind blew us off the lake.

The scenery

For a place made up of black spruce, rock, sand and brush, it is a pretty place.

The rescue

On the last day, last morning, last fishing outing, my motor died on the way in. Luckily, a trusty tow was available and no real issues.

See you suckers