Gouin Reservoir, Nemio River, May 2006

The beginning

You begin your day with french toast and beer. Endorsed by families everywhere.

The drive up

Drive up was fast, even with 200+KM on dirt roads. We stopped a couple times for refreshments, a bio break and some scenery. We have an overnight tradition in Parent, where beers get told, bets made, and fishing prowess pre-sharpened in tall tale form.

The nightlife in Parent sounds like it used to be high style with a piano bar to enjoy. We decided a plain old bar, big beers and hockey on tv is the primo choice.

The lake

We bring so much gear, it's lucky they have a golf cart to help drag it down to the lake. Funny thing, we only use about 1 % of the gear we bring.

Shore lunch

Shore lunch has become a tradition too. The shores of Gouin have these nice beaches and the points are perfect for wind to keep any bugs down.

Add some fish .

Take a dude with fillet knife.

and add fire, potatoes, onions and hungry people.

The boats

Nice boats, docks and equipment.

Shore lunch (again)

How can you only have one shore lunch ? Not possible...

Fishing Wall of Fame

Lots of fish means lots of fillets. Mmmmmmmm.

Assorted fishing pics

Lots to see, lots to catch...

Secret back lake delivers pike

Double headers, lots of fun in clear water.

The goodbye beaver and crazy wildlife

This fellow tried to prevent us from leaving - but it was not to be. The smoking deer is an indicator you are in Quebec. Everyone smokes in Quebec