Algonquin Park Brook Trout, September 2006

It was Sept, 30, the last possible day for trout fishing in Algonquin for 2006. I had been unable to get up there earlier (we were rained out) so it was now or never. The secret plan was to get up early, drive up for the day and fish fish fish. Lunch packed, coffee in the thermos, canoe loaded on car, rods, reels, tackle and everything was set. When I got up, the sun was coming up, the temp hovering around 0C. I get into the car and my windshield had ice on it, frozen. Had to use the defroster and drive looking through the little hole until the car warmed up (Canadians know what I mean). The drive up was nice, my early morning ride was puntuated by pretty scenery like these cows in the morning mist.

The weather was cloudy, slightly windy and spitting rain here and there, basically, perfect fishing weather.

I caught some fish, all brookies, but they were mostly small. All fish came on inline spinners, yellow and gold worked, as did silver. I tipped with worm so there were lots of short strikes nipping away for a free meal. I was hoping for a nice brookie to close out the year but in the end, nothing large enough to keep. I also cast for a bit with my fly rod but it's hard to do from a canoe... too tippy for control and distance but I gave it a try anyhow. Didn't matter to me, it was fun.

I saw my friend Johanna, who was there on a dog watching trip :) with her friend Elke. It seems Elke's dogs like to be toured throught the backcountry. I teased them it was cutting into my fishing time but to be fair, in exchange I got hot apple cider while they stole ate all my chocolate.

Some more pics ...

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